Thornhill Estates Renovations well under way

We are currently renovating a prime property for a customer in Thornhill Estates, in the Modderfontein area. The renovations include fixing damp, replastering 40sqm of walls, painting the whole house and doing some maintenance inside like plumbing, grout repairs and sanitary repairs.

When doing plastering on an external wall, weather affects the duration and success of the project. One has to make calculated decisions based on the weather radar and predictions. If plaster doesn’t have enough time to cure, it will wash off, fall off, cure improperly and end up weak and eventually crack and fail.

When we started chopping the old plaster we found that the previous contractor had u

poor plastering

This poor mixture should never have been allowed!


Damp will have to be repaired or the new plaster will eventually show the same symptoms as it is doing now.