Backup Power Solution for your home or business property

Backup Power Solutions available now

With ESKOM regularly activating load shedding it has become essential to have a backup power solution for your house or business. Depending on your power footprint, we can provide a basic or advanced solution to cater for these down times. We also supply and fit solar panels, solar geysers and generators. A backup power solution is a must these days.

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Typical Inverter

Entry Level Portable Kit:

  • 3kW Inverter with regulator, automatic switch over and charger.
  • 4 Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Accessories
  • Solar panel inputs (for future upgrade to solar panels)

R21 999.00*

Ask about integrating into your residential house or business.

We have various other options and packages that we can tailor to your needs.

Some things to consider:

  1. What kind of devices do you have at home and how much power do they consume (Watt rating)
  2. What devices do you need powered. Some devices can be optimized, replaced and some should not be used on generators or inverters.
  3. Deep cycle batteries and specialized UPS or Inverter batteries are expensive. Although there are cheap alternatives, we do not recommend them due to lifespan and load delivery constraints.
  4. Do you have space for solar panels?
  5. Do you need solar pool heating and maybe a solar powered pool pump?
  6. Do you have a borehole and would you consider a solar powered borehole pump and motor?
  7. During extended cloudy weather patterns the output of the solar panels will be affected. It is advisable to keep your municipal metered or prepaid electrical connection for these periods, should you chose to go off grid.
  8. Convert your lighting system to work directly off the power supplied to the inverter process and save energy. Replace the globes with low energy LED lamps.

*Prices may change due to currency fluctuations. Please inquire if the price advertised is still applicable.

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