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Property maintenance is critical to any house, business or property owner. More often than not this is the most neglected part of our lives. It is however quite essential to look after the place that we call home or office.

Property maintenance in review 2019:

  • We have built one surface round 45000L pool with a heat pump in 2019
  • We have installed 7 geysers in 2019
  • We have installed more than 500 square meter ceilings in 2019
  • We have laid more than 20m3 reinforced concrete at 30mpa in 2019
  • We have placed more than 200 square meters of brick walls in 2019
  • We have painted more than 400 square meters of walls in 2019
  • We have installed solar pool heating in 2019
  • We have had only compliments in respect of price and workmanship

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When times are tough we close one eye and say “We will do it next month” and then eventually forget altogether to repair that fence, that gate or window.

Waltco Inc can help you with these small repairs and even your bigger project size changes. Property maintenance neglected can become costly.

With extensive (over 20 years) experience in property maintenance and improvement, we can look after every aspect of your house, business or premises.

Call us now and lets start ticking off that list of problems.


When running a home or business property, contracting the maintenance out will save you time and money. Some advantages of doing this include:

  • Saving money by not having to purchase and run maintenance equipment.
  • Having the work done by knowledgeable professionals who will most likely provide higher quality upkeep than if you focused on the maintenance yourself.
  • Saving time by not having to oversee maintenance yourself, nor deal with an in-house maintenance crew and any labor issues that may arise.
  • Helping draw in prospective tenants, if you are in the property rental business.

That said, our services is of a reputable and reliable standard. To obtain these benefits, take your time before considering such a contract.

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